About Us

About Our Company

Golden Five Group Is an Egyptian Shareholding Company working In the commercial agencies  From abroad to the Egyptian market and Exporting to the to the neighboring countries such as ( Sudan-Libya-Palestine)

The company has been established since 2005 and it is a group of five other companies which are working in the Egyptian market for 30 years but within this short period of the beginning of the activity and up to now ,it has become one of the famous and known companies by quality and sustainability.

The activities of the group:

The main business of the company is working on importing paint accessories such as ( spray paint-abrasives-spray guns-silicone –polishing tools ) since the main business of the five companies of which the group consist is car paints with all their types and what they need of requirements as well as the accessories of these paints from European and local companies to the Egyptian market .


Golden Five Group aims at upgrading and promoting the level of paints and their accessories and the accessories of craftsmen from abrasives, spray guns of paints and car paints inside the Egyptian market and this through its importing to some products and manufacturing some of them under the name of Golden Five Group . This is done by contracting with major companies and manufacturers inside Europe ,Asia and some Arab Countries.

Our Vision

Since more than two decades , the companies have been injecting their products into the Egyptian market indifferent and do not care about the quality of what they provide and offer to the Egyptian market and here came the idea of ​​creating and establishing Golden Five Group  in 2005 to inject and import products passed and hold the international certifications in the Egyptian market, some of them are from the European countries and the countries of Asia and some are from Arab countries in order to improve what is existent in the market

The shareholders and Related associated companies: